We help Enterprise Software Companies
deliver strong customer retention

IgniteScale helps maximize retention, scalability and profitability by
enabling end-to-end management of the entire customer lifecycle.


Gross Retention


Net Retention Profitability

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We help you manage your
customer lifecycle end-to-end

IgniteScale helps you monitor, manage and elevate client experience in the
Enterprise Software domain to B2C levels.

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Align with customers at all levels

Strategic alignment is critical for ensuring retention, growing customer relationships, improving profitability, and expanding value.


Strategic alignment with customers

  • Ensure alignment internally and externally
  • Access real time data and trends
  • Share objective performance metrics
  • Receive regular customer feedback
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strategic alignment

Raise the bar on customer experience

Deliver personalized, concierge level experience for every customer with a unified, on-demand view of the entire program, to discover a whole new level of collaboration – and customer delight.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Track and share feedback and commitments
  • Align internal teams to deliver superior customer experience
  • Collaborate with customers to solve issues
  • Monitor changes in project financials
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strategic alignment

Leverage automation to enable growth

Focus on strategic and growth activities by automating operational tasks such as day-to-day reporting, status tracking and management tasks to eliminate busy work.


Scaling of
CS Operations


of Tier 2 and Tier 3 engagements
can be automated

  • Automate all aspects of delivery operations
  • Prioritize and accurately manage tickets
  • Regular real time alerts on updates, escalations and outages
  • Focus and track progress on strategic goals
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strategic alignment

Focus your investment where it truly matters

Real time data and facts-based insights ensure leaders can make well-informed investment decisions that have the biggest impact on areas such as commercial, product & engineering and customer success.


Awareness of Investment Impact

  • Insights on customer relationships and growth potential
  • Insights into product features, issues and payoffs
  • Insights on directing investments to maximize retentions
  • Ability to correlate retention to product and delivery investment
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strategic alignment

Win customers’ confidence and their business

The decision to renew is made over multiple interactions over a period of time. Imagine if you could read customer signals, track and resolve issues – before they affect the relationship. Retention is guaranteed!


Unexpected Contract Termination

  • Measure and predict the probability of retention risk
  • Track multiple parameters of relationship health
  • Execute corrective recommendations from a library of playbooks
  • Monitor progress of plays and goals for course correction
  • Align all teams to collaborate in achieving strategic goals
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strategic alignment

Make services a key differentiating factor

Turn your professional services teams into a world class delivery unit that wows customers at every opportunity, executes profitably with complete control & efficiency and becomes a channel for growth.


YoY Growth



  • 100% visibility and control over entire portfolio
  • Early warning signals on program delivery and customer sentiment
  • Zero unexpected customer escalations
  • Consistent world-class customer experience
  • Streamlined delivery operating profitably at scale
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strategic alignment